Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Cookies using Plaque Cutters


Plaque cookie cutters are one of the best addition to the cookie cutter World. So many choices, too many possibilities and maybe too little time to play around with them.  These new plaque cookie cutters are the newest addition to The Cookie Cutter Company. They are big, sturdy and the perfect size for writing messages and intricate cookie designs.
Since Easter is next Sunday, I know you might be running around getting your menu and all shopping ready. Me? not that much, we spend Easter at a friend's house and my cooking part is pretty easy. I am making a carrot cake for dessert, what about you?
Any way, since I know you are busy I put together an easy tutorial for you. Not only are the cookies cute, but very easy to make.

If you don’t own a plaque cookie cutter I highly recommend you to get these.

Soft colors, Easter grass, wafer bunnies and a quick bunny design bring life to these cookies.

Bake and decorate the cookies a few days in advance, put them in a seal container between sheets of parchment paper and put them on a platter on Easter day.

Your family and kids will be thrill!!

Now, let’s decorate cookies. You will need the following:






.americolorgelcolors in peach, bright white, mint green and sky blue
.small cookie cutters, shape of your choice
.small amount of fondant and rolling pin
.tissue paper
.tips #1,#2 and #3,pastry bags and couplers
.Easter grass with wafer bunnies (you can find them at any grocery store around this time of the year)

.carrot sprinkles

Silly Bunny holding an Easter egg


For this cookie I used the tissue paper method created by one of my favorite cookie designers. It really comes in handy when you do not own a Kopykake.
Start by find the perfect template for your design, I found this cute bunny on one of my daughter’s stickers. Make a copy of the image with the size you are looking for.

Outline and flood your cookie and let the cookie dry overnight if possible before tracing the design, you will see in one of these pictures that my cookie wasn’t dry enough when I traced it and I got a hole on it.

Take a piece of the tissue paper and using an edible marker trace the image. Then, place the tissue paper over the dry cookie and trace it again.
Firm pressure when tracing the design will make it bleed through the paper and you are going to end up with the basic outline to pipe and flood the design.




Use tip #2 to pipethe design, let it dry a few minutes and then flood it.

Let the cookie dry completely before adding the details of the bunny’s face with the edible markers and the outline of the plaque.


Wafer bunny cookies

Using Easter grass, sprinkles and wafer bunnies these cookies couldn’t be any easier to make.
Outline and flood the cookies with white icing letting the cookies dry overnight.
Try playing with the design that you are going to put in the cookie before attaching it.


 I used tip #3 to outline the cookie, as I wanted a thick outline
Play around with the plaque’s outlines. Dots, stripes and swirls add the extra touch in a cookie design.

Easter Silhouette Cookies


Using a small cookie cutter, roll out a piece of fondant, cut the shape and set aside.
Add a dab of royal icing in the middle of the cookie, spread with a spatula and sprinkle white sanding sugar.
Attach the fondant silhouette with a dot of icing.



Have a wonderful Easter!!




Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Butterfly Theme Cake and Cookies Favors

Well, Spring is here and little by little we are getting warmer weather. I am sure we all are in a better mood to party, at least I am!
 I have been getting more and more inquiries for birthday parties goodies and
most of them have been for butterfly themes.
This cake I made it just a few weeks ago, simple and clean butterflies adorning the top of the tier and the name of the birthday girl.
 I made the butterflies in two sizes using some PMA cutters I got at Global Sugar Art a long time ago.

Butterfly cookie favors complemented the cake and décor.
These are my favorite butterflies, I love the color combo and simplicity of the cookie design.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Cake and Cookies

I had the best time making this Hot Air Balloon Cake.
The color palette was just so colorful!  teal, coral, yellow, white and baby blue all combined were perfect. This little boy celebrating his 1st year certainly had a great party.
 I used this Hot Air Balloon cookie cutter to make the Hot Air Balloons floating on the cake. Unfortunately, I do not have a cloud cutter yet, so I hand cut them.
 The details in the balloons were made with royal icing.

 I used a Wilton letter mold to make his name.
And of course, you can't have a Hot Air Balloon Cake without matching
 Hot Air Balloon cookie favors.
These cookies turned out so pretty.
 This cookie cutter is 6.25" big, which gives you a lot of room to play around with your design.

Do you like matching the cake and cookies favors for birthday parties?
or you are more of a goody bag gal?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Baking Cups Giveaway Winner!

UPDATE : It's been 3 days and the giveaway winner never got back at me, and I have no way to contact her.I am selecting another winner using The winner is      
Christy Spurlock said...
I would use them for an upcoming 50th birthday celebration for my sister.

Kesha Gregory said...
I would use them for my younger sister's upcoming bridal shower :) I am going to bake about 48+ cupcakes.
You are the winner of the giveaway!!  , please contact me at to ship your goodies.

Thank you everyone who participated ! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fabulous Greaseproof Cupcake Baking Cups! Giveaway !!

If you are tired of the old cupcake wrappers and are looking for a fun way to enhance the presentation of your baked goods these adorable baking cups are exactly what you need! 

These colorful and unique cupcake baking cups  just joined The Cookie Cutter Company and today, we are giving away a big, did I say big? amount of these cuties 

 But guess what? , you have two changes to enter to win these beauties. Lilaloa and I are running a giveaway , so you can enter here and also visiting her site

See, I had to sacrificed myself for the love of baking in pretty cups and I tested many of these. Lots of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes went in the oven!! 
The versatility of these baking cups are endless

These baking cups are tested and proofed by me, no grease whatsoever!! insert happy face and cute baking cups for all your needs!! 

 No need for a cupcake pan or liner, just  pour cake batter directly into the cups, sit on a cookie sheet, and  place in the oven. 
No grease or stains. I just loved them and you will too!! 


Leave me a comment letting me know how would you use them? 

I will select one winner using and will announce it on Friday March 28th in this post.
Good luck!!